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How Electrocurrent Therapy can Alleviate Facial Pain

How Electrocurrent Therapy can Alleviate Facial Pain

Many people don’t realize that headache pain is anything but limited to your head. In fact, most people who suffer severe headaches experience pain in their jaw, neck, and/or back. It’s for these reasons that your typical headache medicine doesn’t work for serious headache sufferers.

Unlike medications, electrocurrent therapy does more than mask pain — it rebuilds your body at a cellular level, helping you to live headache and pain-free.

What is Electrocurrent Therapy?

Don’t let the prefix “electro” frighten you; electrocurrent therapy isn’t scary — we promise! Electrocurrent (or microcurrent) therapy directs a painless level of electrical current to specific areas of your body that experience pain, such as the head, face, or jaw. Plus, it can be used to reduce spasms, lactic acid, and restore range of motion.

How Electrocurrent Therapy Works

Did you know that your body is electric? Every day, your body sends millions of electrical currents to your muscles and organs. Electrocurrent therapy sends low-level electrical currents (which mimic your body’s natural electrical frequencies) into your skin. By ”giving” your body more energy, we can help stimulate damaged tissue and generate cellular repair. Not only does this help your body heal itself if it’s damaged, but it also alleviates any pain.

Why Choose Electrocurrent Therapy?

From sports injuries to pain caused by headaches, electrotherapy has been an effective pain treatment for years. Just a few sessions of electrocurrent therapy can:

  • Reduce back, neck, and joint pain caused by headaches.
  • Heal damaged tendons.
  • Increase oxygenated blood flow to tissue in your body.
  • Grow new nerves.
  • Stop macular degeneration. In some cases, it’s even been known to reverse the effects of macular degeneration.
  • Prevent headaches or lessen their severity.

Effective Treatment for Headaches & Pain

At Valencia headache care center, we won’t rest until you’ve achieved lasting relief of your symptoms and pain. With electrocurrent therapy being one of the several treatment options we offer, a pain-free life is just around the corner.

Most importantly, all of our treatment methods do not require any medication or injections and do not have any negative side effects.