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Treating Headache-Related Conditions

Headache Treatment in Valencia

Alleviating Facial, Jaw, & Head Pain

Suffering from chronic headaches or pain in your face and jaw can be incredibly debilitating, both physically and mentally. Depending on the severity of your headaches, you may find it difficult to work, sleep, or concentrate on your daily activities. If you are in need of a solution to your pain, turn to our Valencia headache care center where we have more than 35 years of experience in the field.

State-of-the-Art Treatment Technology

At Valencia Headache and Sleep Treatment Center, we offer comfortable and relaxing treatments for chronic headaches and related pain. We have used advanced technology to develop an effective form of treatment. Our treatments have been proven to reduce the amount of inflammation and pain our patients experience starting in the first session.

  • The treatment we offer incorporates the following types of therapies and techniques:
  • Ultrasound: Ultrasound therapy is effective in restoring circulation, heat, and blood flow to muscles which have become sore or strained. Using sound waves, ultrasound therapy can reduce pain.
  • Electrocurrent: Electrocurrent (or microcurrent) therapy directs a painless level of electrical current to specific areas of the body which experience pain, such as the head, face, or jaw. Electrocurrent therapy can be used to reduce spasms, lactic acid, and restore range of motion.
  • Trigger point therapy: We use an advanced form of physical therapy known as trigger point therapy which can help to stimulate and reduce tension in the muscles of the neck and jaw.
  • Low-level laser: Low-level laser therapy uses cold lasers to heal damaged joint and muscle tissue, reduce the amount of pain you experience, as well as restoring range of motion.
  • TruDenta: Uncovering often overlooked causes of migraines and jaw pain through computer-aided precision diagnoses and treatments.

Effective Treatment for Headaches & Pain

At our Valencia headache care center, our goal is to continue treatment sessions until we achieve a lasting relief of your symptoms and pain. The method of treatment we use does not require any medication or injections and does not have any negative side effects.

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  • Skilled Medical Team

    Our clinical directors are specially qualified, trained, and licensed therapists are part of just a handful of doctors with the skill to handle these cases.

  • Experience You Can Trust

    With over 35 years of experience in a variety of medical fields, we are uniquely qualified to handle cases like yours with precision and expertise.

  • Improve Your Quality of Life

    At Valencia Headache and Sleep Treatment Center, we offer unique, life-changing therapies to our sleep apnea and headache patients.

  • Long-Lasting Results

    The pain relief and sleep treatments that we offer target the cause rather than the symptom, allowing you to enjoy your pain-free life for years to come.